School of Arts is the first official Arts institution in Fujairah, founded by Mr. Abdo Abi Hanna, a Lebanese entrepreneur who is passionate and loves Arts. The institution started its operations on 31st October 2013 and with its more than three (3) years of experience and involvement in the market, its continuous growth proves its capability to surpass challenges towards improvement and greater progress.

At the beginning, the school offered only dancing classes such as Ballet, Gymnastics and different Latin rhythms nonetheless it has been actively participating in doing artistic shows in a lot of projects nationally and internationally, some of which are Turkey Salsa Festival, Cypress Salsa Congress, White Night Festival in Russia, Lebanon International Dance Festival, India Fiesta Latina, Hong Kong Salsa Festival, and so on.

Through the years it has been incorporating other services and art classes, with more employees, better environment, and more tools for the purpose of rendering greater services to the community and earn more recognition both in national and international market with its engagement in organizing events and entertainment where it has accomplished exceptional performance and worthwhile occasions to satisfied clients.

Currently, it is located in one of the prestigious business towers in Fujairah and houses two comfortable studios – one for music and one for dancing. With its extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with its key clients and students, the company is presently working on different projects in Fujairah, Dubai and other Emirates, and it is as proud and pleased to announce the opening of its first branch in Byblos, Lebanon.


To be one of the leading arts, events and entertainment company in the UAE, open branches in different countries, and be the best choice for clients and students to select our services.


To have the best instructors and artists to represent us nationally and internationally and encourage our clients and students to discover their passion and talents and become their inspiration in being successful in the field of Arts and Entertainment.


The master and brilliant mind of School of Arts, started organizing events in 2002 when he was only 18 years old. His experience and passion in the Events & Entertainment industry led him to be a dreamer and to follow his goals. All events and entertainment ideas he offers are carefully prepared to meet and overwhelm clients’ expectations. His purpose is to always create great memories and unforgettable experiences to all viewers and guests. He has been travelling to different countries to promote the School of Arts and his very own festival, Fujairah Latin Festival.


Founder & Director

She was subscribed into different Arts coursers at a very young age that motivated her creativity and curiosity and generated her desire for all types of Arts. She is passionate in her work, perfectionist and strict. In her more than 10 years of experience in doing Fitness and dance rhythms, she has always been giving extra care for the clients and students. She is kind and welcoming in the studio and her encouragement to all employees is what makes School of Arts team to be strong in terms of teamwork.


Manager, Instructor & Artist

She is a young professional who finished her Bachelor’s Degree at the age of 19 and immediately travelled to UAE aspiring to learn in an international level. She joined School of Arts and with more than 3 years of being part of the team, she has been able to practice her knowledge and learn efficient ways of improving herself through experiences. She is now assigned as the Assistant Manager with the core duty of helping the team to achieve long-term goals and inspire people to follow their passion.


Assistant Manager

A professional musician, singer, and violinist formed by guidance and experience in Music Education and Vocal Technique. She played in different symphonic, philharmonic, and chamber orchestras and as a singer, she had the opportunity of being part of Polyphonic Choir, and a soloist singer/performer in various private and public events in Colombia. She also had an experience teaching music to people with Special Education Needs. She is dynamic, active and creative. She encourages and helps people to find and develop their skills and passion through Arts.


Music Instructor, Artist & Sales-in-Charge